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"Nigel Maclean’s musical direction is superb. Fantastic performances by talented musicians greatly accompany Charles’ exuberance without overpowering the show." Reviewer: Sophie Everton Ryan Dublin Theatre Festival 2014

"The musical portions are well modulated by the sound design..." Reviewer: Darryl Reilly in Off Broadway New York Live Arts@ PS122 Theatre 2017

"The music did a fine job of creating an atmosphere that was furtive and morose, but also resilient and inspirational..." Reviewer: Keira Grant Canadian Stage 2017

Darak is an aging Sword Master and Juda is his brilliant apprentice son. In a drama of startling consequence, Juda recounts the events that lead to the destruction of their relationship and finally the ultimate challenge - a death duel. Neither wish to participate yet neither can find a way out. In a world lost in time, the metal of loyalty, honor and family are tested as the tragedy is played out. Nigel MacLean was awarded 'Best Music in a Short Film' at the Park City Film Music Festival in Utah for his incredible craftsmanship on Forged, which featured the youthful vocals and kora instrumentation of FilmHarmonix artist Jali Buba Kuyateh.

Best Director (David No - Big Bang Film Festival)
Best Short Film (Melbourne Underground Film Festival) 
Best Film (Action & Suspense) Dragon*Con
Best Costume Design (Action on Film)
Best Music (Park City Film Music Festival - Utah 2008)


FilmHarmonix has over 25 years experience working across film, television and theatre in areas of score development; composition, arrangement, editing and orchestration. From composing music for award winning theatre productions by Ilbijerri Theatre (Jack Charles V The Crown) to local TV productions such as the latest Underbelly Files installments through to contracting and leading full symphony orchestras plus assisting with notation editing on large feature films (Elizabeth, Sliding Doors) FilmHarmonix has a wide catalogue of industry experience and successful collaborations to bring to creative projects when designing musical scores. To view our previous projects please visit our Credits page. 

For more information on FilmHarmonix sound design please email Nigel MacLean (nigel [at] and we will be happy to discuss your next project.